Creating a Culture of Service Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry

Customer Service Excellence is about managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. In today’s uncertain business climate, it is critical to create a culture of service excellence for organizational success. The overall objective of an outstanding customer experience is to provide quality services that exceed any and all customer needs. In a customer service culture, a business organizes itself according to customer needs to remain successful.

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Good customer service practices are essential to achieving customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty in every industry and market, including the Telecommunication industry. The Telecommunications industry no longer talks only about customer service, instead, it is addressing the broader topic of the customer experience, which includes not just the conversations between Service Representatives and customers when something goes wrong, but the full range of customer contact from system design and implementation to customer training and ongoing service support.

A Culture of Service Excellence is based on values and beliefs in an organization that reinforces the idea that providing the customer with high quality service is the principal concern of the business. Quality and customer focus must be our guiding principles. As a member of the Telecommunications industry, our key objective should always be to exceed customer expectations and bring a higher set of quality and customer service standards to our industry.

How to Choose the Right Telecommunications Service Provider

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Of course you’d hope to be served well no matter what vendor you’re hiring, but in telecommunications it is especially crucial. You want a strong vendor who can partner with you to make your business more efficient and bring you services that will help you succeed.

The role of communications has never been more important. With a vast range of communication tools at our fingertips, and the need to be always on and available wherever we are at whatever time, having the right telecommunications service provider is essential to business success.

We know that our customers want a provider to understand their environment, know what they have installed, recall the last questions they asked, and be ready to make the upgrades they want in the future.  We must have the ability, when a client says “know me,” to respond “yes we do.”

In today’s highly competitive & dynamic telecom industry, end to end customer service becomes one of the most important differentiator between a good service provider and the best service provider. Building and maintaining relationships with customer’s means telecommunication vendors must realize that every interaction counts. Choosing the right partner will enable you to let the service provider take care of your telecommunications needs, giving you the time to concentrate on what is core to you, your business.

Why Choose Avatel

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At Avatel, our mission is to be recognized as the standard of excellence in the telecommunications industry, offering high quality products through our promise of excellence, dedication to knowledge, emphasis on teamwork and an eye towards addressing customer needs and delivering unsurpassed service.  As an Avaya Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Expert and a “Partner in Customer Excellence” with Avaya, Avatel has learned that the ultimate level of credibility in the marketplace is delivering the highest level of customer support.

Avaya Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Expert

Being an Avaya SME Expert demonstrates that Avatel meets the most stringent criteria in technical expertise, customer support and satisfaction. To achieve the Avaya SME Expert accreditation, Avaya Partners must demonstrate that their people are proficient in core areas, including customer support and, technology knowledge. The SME Expert specialization recognizes partners who have created a service practice that provides expertise to meet customer implementation and support requirements for Avaya voice, data and video integration. SME Experts hold the highest levels of certification and expertise when it comes to delivering communications solutions.

Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence

The prestigious “Partner in Customer Excellence” designation from Avaya identifies Avaya Partners who achieve significantly higher scores in their customer satisfaction surveys. This designation honors both Avatel’s high level of customer satisfaction and technical expertise. This is truly a reflection of our entire corporate focus on customer service. Customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of our businesses and is a key performance indicator within our business. Our key differentiating feature is our consistent approach to customer satisfaction, and we truly value our partnership with Avaya as they recognize this commitment from Avatel.


Avatel has one of the largest and most experienced technical teams within the industry designing, implementing and maintaining communication networks nationwide. Avatel provides the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to help ensure successful, high-quality implementations in our ability both in terms of solution design, Avaya product knowledge and customer support.

For over 10 years, Avatel has built our service reputation and technical ability, which has enabled us to be among the leading players in our industry. Our services provide critical operational support through our team of experts, proven processes and powerful tools. Avatel puts the knowledge, experience and capabilities of the 2,500 member Avatel Service organization at your disposal. Visit us at or contact us at 866-835-2661.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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