Raising the Bar on Workplace Productivity


Most business owners struggle with different ways of increasing workplace productivity. Workplace productivity is paramount to surviving in today’s fast-paced environments. Successful companies are always looking for opportunities to do more with less. Their aim is to keep the company flexible, innovative and competitive, without driving up operating and capital costs.

Productivity can be defined as how efficiently and effectively we use our resources at lowest possible cost. Creating a productive workplace is integral for a corporation to increase their profits and to thrive in today’s economy. Improving workplace productivity may involve restructuring the company in such a way that work is accomplished as efficiently as possible. Many people would recognize this concept as “working smarter, not harder.”


There are many elements that can increase productivity in the workplace; these are just a few to foster new ideas that may lead to a positive, more productive working environment:

Workplace Processes – Changing business process can be difficult but can lead to dramatic efficiency gains. Determine if you have any redundant or unnecessary processes that are affecting your workplace efficiency. Establish a benchmark for different tasks and determine what affects efficiency for those tasks. Improving business process involves documenting existing workflows or processes, analyzing their effectiveness, having a vision for a change, testing new processes, training others and implementing change.

Organized Workspace – Productivity can also be greatly improved, if the office space is well-organized. A chaotic workspace can distract you from the work at hand. Clutter is one of the main barriers of productivity. If you can’t find what you need, or you don’t have enough clear space to work, or you are stressed by the mess, it’s going to be very difficult to get anything done in a timely manner. Make no mistake; a cluttered office will keep you from being your most productive.

Attitude, mindset and motivation – These are  critical elements that contribute to productivity – if any employee has high skills but has poor attitude, his performance and output will be low and this will produce a negative effect on the overall performance of any organization. Motivation is a key factor in the productivity of any organization. If employees are motivated, their performance level is improved.

Training – The organization’s productivity can be low If employees do not have accurate knowledge about their work. The more thorough a training program, the higher probability of employee retention, satisfaction and morale, in addition to a lower probability of employee mistakes. Types of training differ in every organization depending upon the requirements and strategies. An organization may require customer service training whereas other corporations may need sales or technology training to improve productivity and efficiency.


A great deal of efficiency and productivity are a direct result of employee performance, motivation, improved processes, and training. However, much can also be achieved through productivity-enhancing technologies that yield tremendous results to increase workflow and efficiency throughout an organization.

Many companies have a number of incompatible components, and manage these functions separately. Consolidating your communication channels enables companies to bring all functions into one single platform that can be managed and maintained more efficiently. This allows businesses the flexibility to unify voice, email, IM, fax, conferencing, video and more through multiple devices—be it a Smartphone, laptop, office computer or home office.

Avaya IP Office Productivity Solution – With the Avaya IP Office System, you can enable your employees to stay productive in the office and accessible when away from their desks. Employees can hold video chats with colleagues and customers from their desks or while mobile. They can keep business and operations moving using IM, presence, full call control, conferencing, and more on their devices of choice.

Avaya’s IP Office is a system designed to increase employee productivity, help grow sales and reduce expenses by providing multiple channels for communication. This “all-in-one” solution unifies communications for voice, video, e-mail, texting, and instant messaging, using available and appropriate devices—including smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones using wired, wireless or broadband connections.

The Avaya IP Office System enables your entire team to connect and collaborate in real-time, without limitations. The system seamlessly integrates with today’s popular desktop applications to help improve a company’s collaboration tools, ultimately increasing employee productivity and enhancing customer service. An IP Office phone system helps you create your most productive workforce, increase capacity and capabilities as your business grows, and gain business and customer service efficiencies.


All small and medium size businesses are seeking ways to reduce costs and improve the way it operates. Avatel understands this. We know that the right solution for your business is one that helps you increase profitability, improve productivity and gain competitive advantages. Contact an Avatel Representative today at 866-835-2661.


Jamie wood, Avatel EVP



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