Use Communication Technology to do MORE in Your Business

Are you as productive as you could be with your communication technology?

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When your business reputation is on the line, it’s important that each of your communication tools be in proper working order. Nothing can replace the need for a good business phone system, allowing for more effective communication with your employees and customers.

Companies are losing business every day due to deficiencies with their current phone system and those deficiencies could be a big enough reason to cause your customer to seek business elsewhere. Ultimately, seemingly insignificant incidents add up to business lost, thereby impacting a business owner’s bottom-line.

upgrade or lose customers

A problem familiar to any organization is that of communicating effectively. As more and more people work from home or from dispersed locations, how do you ensure that employees are planning and working together effectively, and regularly keeping in touch when separated by time and distance?

As swiftly as telecommunication equipment continues to improve, the phone system you have may seem to meet your current needs but may fall well short of the capabilities of today’s technology.  More importantly, your present system may be woefully inadequate in meeting the future needs of your business.


If you are a business owner who has been considering whether or not it would be prudent to invest in a new phone system, consider these reasons as to why it could serve in the best interest of your business:

  • If you’re positioning your company for growth, adding to staff or expanding to a new location, you will want to know if your phone system can be scaled to satisfy the projected needs of the business.  Will it be able to handle more volume?  Can it accommodate multiple locations in a seamless fashion?  Check the limitations of your current business phone system to ensure you can scale.
  • Your phone system should be able to manage and remotely administer extensions at multiple locations as easily as if they were on-site. Today especially, this includes home-based or virtual office locations.
  • Now more than ever, business communications mobility is paramount. Front line sales personnel and other business travelers need to be able to utilize the business phone system remotely to maximize productivity.
  • Do you wish you could be on the cutting edge of communication, and have the ability to send voicemail-to-email, integrate your CRM with click-to-dial, or take advantage of customer screen pop, call logging and intra-office communications with Outlook integration, embedded presence and instant messaging?

Think about your biggest communications “disconnects” you experience in the workplace – whether due to mobility obstacles, customer call overloads, technology deficiencies or any other business communications challenge.

upgrade now whats your disconnect

To improve productivity now and prepare for growth down the road, this may be the time to upgrade your phone system and take advantage of new technology in the marketplace.

The Avaya IP Office System is the perfect choice for today’s business looking to upgrade to a robust communications platform without the high cost. Avaya IP Office represents the best in advanced communications, providing multiple unified communications and customer service capabilities, with a focus on simplicity and savings.


The IP Office brings together your Telecom and Data networks to provide such features as Remote Users and Offices, VOIP and Integrated Messaging (voicemail to email).

The Avaya IP Office is the only system in the market that is has a hybrid design that offers customers IP based technology but also offers at low cost support for TDM functionality. Customers have a large choice of selecting what type of trunks they want (SIP trunks, analog trunks, digital trunks) and a large choice of terminals (analog extensions, digital extensions, IP extensions, SIP extensions and 3rd party SIP phones).

Upgrade IP_Office choice of_devices

The IP Office is an All-In-One IP PBX and UC Platform. Most of the UC applications come free with IP Office and are available for all the users, no matter if they use analog or digital or IP Phones. The system design of the IP Office allows customers to maximize their original investment when cutting edge-new technologies appear in the market. When new functionality is available, you only have to upgrade the software that comes with the IP Office system. No need to change or buy new hardware, cards, telephones.

With the IP Office, users can make calls directly from their Outlook address book or from Company LDAP directory by just clicking the contact you want to call and select ‘ make call’. This saves users time, and most important the feature is free of charge. Or when you have a meeting scheduled in your Outlook calendar and if you need to call in, you can directly log in to one-X Portal for IP Office and make a call, answer a call, transfer a call.

upgrade to Avaya_Business_Telephone_3

The IP Office provides a flexible conferencing solution with 128 conferencing channels allowing multiple conferences of any size from 3 to 64 parties. This means that several conferences of different sizes can all run at the same time if the total calls do not exceed the systems conference resources. So the system will support 42 x 3-party conferences, 2 x 64-party conferences or any combination in between.

There are many more advantages that the Avaya IP Office has against competitors systems, and these advantages of the Avaya IP Office can and will create advantages for your business once you select it. Your business will as well become more efficient, more competitive and improve your business image as well.

upgrade to IP_Office_why_

No doubt the demands of running a business may leave you with little time to spend exploring new telephone systems, and that is where a company like Avatel Technologies, an Avaya SME Expert Partner with experienced sales and technical staff, can help you address these questions and provide the answers that will help you identify your communication “disconnects” in an ever-changing business and technology environment. Contact an Avatel Representative today at 866-835-2062.

whats your disconeect

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP



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