Strive for Success, But Focus on Achievement

Success and Achievement are two words that appear alike in their meanings. However, looking at the definition of each word, they are distinctly different from one another. Today, success is synonymous with celebrating, while achievement has more of a work and effort connotation.

Sometimes we are surprised by other people’s rise to success as we only see the aftermath of their achievements, yet we are completely blinded to the effort that goes into laying down groundwork for these achievements.


Anyone who has ever been successful in any endeavor will tell you it’s more about their achievements through work and effort than any recognition. There is no doubt that an achievement oriented mindset is absolutely critical for long-term success.

People who are achievement oriented cultivate certain and specific characteristics that are naturally congruent with high levels of achievement:

  • They commit themselves to the achievement of their success wholeheartedly on a daily basis.
  • They are constantly finding new ways to motivate in order to keep moving towards the achievement of their goals and objectives.
  • They take full and complete responsibility for each of their actions, interactions, circumstances and decisions. If they make mistakes, they blame no one but themselves.
  • They have an undeniable passion for their chosen field of endeavor. This passion provides them with a surplus of energy that moves them forward with every greater momentum.
  • Their ambition never rests or wavers. They keep moving to ever higher altitudes once the lower levels have been successfully conquered.
  • They possess a resilient attitude that will never give up or quit. If they need to, they will adjust their strategy, alter their course and find a new approach that will eventually get them what they want most.

Helen Hayes gave us something to think about when she said, “Always strive for achievement. Forget about success.”

Achievement, more often comes in conjunction with tangible, measurable and a defined thing or substance. Achieving something comes with results and outputs, which can further be manipulated and improved into how one desires it to be.

We should all start focusing a little more on the concept of achievement. I believe that achievement paves the way for success.  If we focus on high achievement first, our successes will be even sweeter. Achievements are not so much about financial gains but rather about attaining a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction within oneself. These feelings are what lead to that place we call success.


Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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