The Avatel Team Nominates Avaya Channel Account Manager, Steve Tallman for the Avatel “Star Power” Award

At Avatel we believe that cultures of recognition contribute to cultures of power, passion and profitability because people know they matter! Recognition and appreciation are a fundamental human need. We each respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of our good work because it confirms our work is valued.

star power award

At the beginning of the year, Avatel introduced our new 2013 “Star Power” Employee Recognition program. We established this formal recognition program whereby Avatel team members could nominate another for recognition.  The individual that received the most nominations would then be chosen to be our “Star” for the Quarter. Each calendar Quarter, we would recognize the “Star Power” winner at our Quarterly Recognition and Awards Ceremony.

When it came time to nominate our “Star Power “recipient for our 2nd Quarter, one of the Avatel team members requested that we consider Steve Tallman, our Avaya Channel Account Manager for the award.

Her statement was – “I know Steve is not an actual Avatel employee, but I think he deserves his own Avatel Star Power Award!” Of course we honored that request and through our nomination process, Steve Tallman won the nomination.

We understand that strategic alliances – when managed with partnering excellence – produce astonishing results. Our relationship with Steve is a win-win relationship for both Avatel and Avaya.

We honored Steve Tallman with an award that read: “Our foundation of excellence is supported by the quality of your actions and the integrity of your intent. You have built a strong strategic and operational relationship with Avatel. You maintain a detailed understanding of Avatel’s business and have worked hard at creating an environment of high trust and a shared purpose. Thanks for all your support Steve.” Jamie Wood, Avatel Executive Vice President

 Steve Tallman pic

Congratulations Steve!!

Along with his award, we presented Steve with two pages of recognition and appreciation from many of the Avatel team members such as:

“Steve Tallman is a breath of fresh air.  Steve takes ownership and runs with issues you have regarding Avaya’s procedures.  I’m so glad that Avatel has an Avaya CAM of Steve’s caliber”.  – Star Futch, Avatel IPOSS Support Manager

“Steve has been an invaluable help to me on many occasions.  I truly can’t name all the times that he has not only responded within minutes to my emails but has also followed up with phone calls to myself as well as my customers.  Steve has sent emails, made phone calls, been on numerous conference calls, offered to request additional discounts…..basically offered whatever he possibly could in order to help make a deal happen.  I can personally say that Steve has been a direct contributory factor in over $300,000 in revenue that I have been involved in closing with him since joining our team.   I look forward to closing many more with his assistance!! It is a great comfort to know that I have him on my side!!” – Teresa Boully, Avatel Senior Sales Account Executive

We believe that all high growth partnerships build joint success upon a foundation of cooperative, performance- oriented, trusting and productive relationships within and between the partnering organizations. We believe that the partnership between Avatel and Avaya brings something unique and special, and each side needs the support of the other to be successful.


winning with a culture of recognition

At Avatel, we work hard to create a culture of recognition for all to build and all to participate in. We never want to miss an opportunity to celebrate & elevate another person, both inside and outside our organization. Highlighting excellence is something that really matters at Avatel.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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  1. Congrats Steve, you do a Fantastic job as our Avaya CAM!

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