UC Success with Avaya IP Office Promotion

Small and mid-size companies are constantly growing and they need ways to serve their customers better and adapt to rapidly changing conditions. They must differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity, lower costs, and improved customer service.

Smart businesses invest in new technology because they understand that in order for their organization to grow, they need to make informed decisions about which solutions can make them more competitive and customer-centric. However, in many cases they simply aren’t aware that technologies exist that can make them work smarter and more productive.

There is a solution that can transform a small or mid-size business into one that is more efficient, more productive, and better prepared for the challenges in front of them – it’s called unified communications (UC). UC unifies systems, devices and applications to provide seamless ability to communicate wherever you are, whenever you want.


Avaya has made UC an affordable option for smaller businesses, with focus on scalability and ease-of-use. The strategy is to make these solutions affordable, accessible, easy to install, easy to use, and to allow people to communicate from their device of choice, anytime and anywhere.

upgrade Avaya_banner_image

The perception that Avaya is a large enterprise brand only is a myth. Avaya is now Identifying organizations with fewer than 500 employees as “The New Big Force” in powering the nation’s economy. Avaya has shifted its business focus on empowering SMEs to collaborate with customers, colleagues and suppliers through a range of collaboration, video and networking solutions.

With Avaya IP Office, UC is more accessible for the SME market. The IP Office lets users control office communications using an IP phone, smart phone or laptop. Users can receive all their messages–voice, email, and fax–in a single inbox, and are automatically notified when they are received, no matter where they are.
UC Success with IP Office
Avatel is pleased to announce the UC Success with Avaya IP Office promotion. With the UC Success with Avaya IP Office promotion, Avatel can offer your business unified communications through Avaya’s flagship collaboration platform at a promotional discount. Get up to 12% off on eligible IP Office hardware and software, IP and digital phone sets and Avaya Networking products, plus free power User licenses. The promotion runs through September 20, 2013.

Your company is unique and your phone system should match your specific business needs. For companies that are still largely analog, the IP Office is a hybrid solution that allows users to do analog telephony, digital, IP and SIP all in the same unit. Companies can start with absolutely basic telephony and also have all the UC feature functionality and collaborative ability.


No one in the market offers a more comprehensive UC solution specifically designed for SMEs in the areas of features simplicity, and affordability. With more than 300,000 systems installed worldwide, the Avaya IP Office is the leader in unified communications for small and midsize businesses. Avaya IP Office was awarded Unified Communications Product of the Year in 2012 from Internet Telephony magazine.

IPO-product-of-year 2012

Contact Avatel today at 866-835-2661 to take advantage of the UC Success with Avaya IP Office promotion to enable your business to collaborate in real time, without boundaries.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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