I Love my Job

For those who paint their thoughts with cynicism, the title of this blog post is self-serving. But, for those who share in my enthusiasm for the blessing of work that creates a genuine passion deep down inside, then you know exactly what I mean. I find myself working for an employer with a rapidly increasing market share and strong growth potential. Aside from the sense of stability here, there is an opportunity for growth and advancement. No one has restricted my thoughts or discouraged me from sharing my ideas.

I love my job

When I first began working for Avatel Technologies back in November of 2010, I was first introduced to the company’s core values by reading the company’s corporate blog posts. Here, I found thoughts from a corporate leader who inspired me to do more than show up and be present. She encouraged me to strive at being better – not only at work but also in my personal life. The one post that had the most significant impact on me was written by Jamie Wood, Avatel’s EVP, entitled “Leading your Business with a Strong Moral Compass“. I encourage you to read it and share it with family, friends and co-workers.

moral compass

It was only a few months later, during company provided Sandler Customer Service Training that I felt confident enough to ask if I may submit a post as a guest blogger. The response from company leadership was immensely satisfying. From that initial guest blog post until today – nearly three years later – my “employee engagement” remains high. I am filled with a renewed sense of accomplishment for what I’ve been able to share. But more than just the compliments and the “sharing” of my posts is the new discovery of personal and professional relationships across a wide variety of social media channels.


Because I spend more waking hours at work than I do anywhere else, I must believe and experience both professional and personal growth. And, at Avatel, I am doing just that.

Guest Blogger – Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager



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