We Can Choose to be Pitiful or Powerful, We All Have a Choice

We all remember the wake of destruction that Hurricane Katrina left in her path in 2005. What I did not realize is that 8 years later, New Orleans is still a patchwork of recovery. In places like the lower ninth ward, New Orleans East and Gentilly, homes still sit, crumbling.

I recently viewed a story about a woman that runs St. Paul’s Homecoming Center in New Orleans, a non-profit that is dedicated to restoring and rebuilding the homes of displaced residents in New Orleans. Born out of need, this Hurricane Katrina recovery center was established by Connie Uddo out of a strong desire and commitment to help.

Connie Uddo

Executive Director Connie Uddo, St. Paul’s Homecoming Center

This post is not specifically related to the devastation that Katrina caused or the contributions this woman makes on a daily basis, but more on a comment she made. 

 “You can choose to be Pitiful or Powerful, we all have a choice”

Being powerful or pitiful simply equates to your attitude and how you respond. Whether you choose to have a positive or negative attitude will guide the direction and path you take in life. When you have a positive attitude and expectation, you don’t see the success barriers, you see ways around them. You don’t sit and stare at the wall and say “well I guess I can’t go any further.” You go over, under, around, or through it.

pitiful or powerful

It really is a choice which each of us needs to make each and every day of our lives. You always have a choice. You can see yourself as a victim of circumstance, at the mercy of other peoples’ actions, or you can chart your own course in life, making a conscious decision to set a more positive and, ultimately, happier course. You can opt for victory over negativism, doubt, cynicism and the despair that is the inevitable product of these mindsets.

Any traumatic event can turn your world upside down and can leave you feeling powerless and vulnerable. It’s important to remind yourself that you have strengths and coping skills that can get you through tough times.

Recognize that you do have the ability to stop feeling helpless and can take control over your life. The truth is, we’re all Katrina survivors. Usually we have three or four Katrina’s in our lives, where we’re challenged, where we’re forced to face fear.

This is the time for meaningful change. We all must stop whining, stop complaining and stop feeling helpless and victimized. Are you going to be powerful or pitiful? Join me– Let’s be powerful together.

Jamie wood, Avatel EVP


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