The Avaya Collaboration Bundle

The world of business communications and collaboration is changing at lightning speed.  In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, teamwork and collaboration are essential components of success for all enterprises regardless of size or vertical.  As a result, we all have a need to communicate and share experiences, knowledge, ideas and opinions, anytime, anywhere.

Even with all of the technology available today, there are disconnects. Many midsize businesses are still operating in the technological Dark Ages, while at the same time the virtual workforce and global mobility are far beyond what they’ve ever been before. The business collaboration evolution is here. In today’s competitive environment, people working in collaboration can make the difference between a company’s success and failure.


A myriad of collaboration technologies exist, however the power of these collaborative tools is greatly increased when they are combined to form an organization-wide collaborative infrastructure. For an organization to flourish, it needs to move from legacy based communication, which is characterized by distinct, non-integrated systems, to intelligent communication, which embraces end-to-end collaboration.

Unfortunately, once a communication technology platform has been selected, organizations must spend the time and effort to integrate all of the necessary components into a production system. In contrast, as a part of Avatel and Avaya’s strategy to offer a fully integrated end-to-end product collaboration stack, these components are engineered to work together. They are tested together, certified together, packaged together, deployed together, upgraded together, managed together and supported together.


While solutions such as telephony and email are commonplace within organizations, many have been slow to embrace the full suite of collaborative tools. Elevating your communication system to a truly unified and integrated collaboration solution requires a professional partner with expertise in a technology platform that includes voice, messaging, application integration, mobile collaboration, network integration and video.

Leveraging each collaboration tool to its fullest extent requires insight and tight integration to assure all tools resonate with each other. The direct result is the convergence of communications and applications through the integration of products that facilitate the use of multiple enterprise communication methods,

More than just having all of the necessary technologies, Avatel takes a holistic approach that provides real results. Because Avatel now provides a complete stack, collaboration can be done at any level to solve problems or exploit new opportunities. Functionality can move within the complete system as needed to promote performance, reliability, and scalability.

Because Avatel can optimize each layer of the Avaya technology stack, customers can gain better performance, security, reliability, and ultimately higher uptime for their business-critical applications.

Attempting to transition your legacy communications environment is a task most companies cannot contemplate. The inherent complexity detracts organizations from beginning this process and too often, companies postpone it.  As a skilled Avaya partner, Avatel can make the process easy, by offering a complete Avaya ecosystem of mobility, video collaboration, networking, security, contact center and support to deliver a comprehensive solution for midsize companies, all from a single source.

By standardizing the full UCC stack – voice, messaging, video, wired/wireless networking, contact center and call security with Avatel, IT departments can significantly reduce time-to-capability, minimize IT staff training needs, limit licensing and pricing complexity and scale features and users with the needs of the business.


To reduce integration risk and prevent challenges before they occur, you should depend on a complete and fully tested full stack collaboration solution with common management, common hardware, and integrated services and applications across the network.

For a limited time, Avatel is offering special monthly/user pricing for the Avaya Collaboration Bundle to help manage the cost of your assets. The Avaya Collaboration Bundle pricing allows you to bundle ALL the communication services you need and SAVE with one low monthly rate, on one convenient bill.

This is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology without assuming the up-front costs, and risks, of ownership. There is a significant cost savings through system consolidation with no down payment, no deposits, and no required compensating balances. Unlike many other companies, we will finance your entire Collaboration Solution including telecommunications, video, data equipment, security products, contact center, wire, services, and maintenance.

Is this the right time to make move to a true unified communication and collaboration platform?  We firmly believe that your communications infrastructure is more than just an asset and ongoing cost – it is a vital part of growing your business.

Learn how Avatel can help your business improve collaboration, spark innovation and remain agile in an increasingly competitive business climate. Contact an Avatel Collaboration Specialist for everything you need from a single source at 888.572.2212 or fill out the contact form today to design your Collaboration bundle and take advantage of the special pricing.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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