Technology from Avaya Powers the NORAD Santa Tracker Hotline

The NORAD Santa tracker powered by technology from Avaya Government Solutions, helps to connect kids with Santa’s helpers on Christmas Eve.


avaya power of we engage

The NORAD Tracks Santa hotline is part of a sophisticated program to help Santa and his cargo make a safe and successful journey around the globe.  Experts from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) carefully monitor his travels and ensure his safety using data gathered from radar, satellites, jet pilots and even high-tech Santa Cams positioned in strategic locations worldwide.  As a result, curious children of all ages – naughty or nice – can get an insider’s view of his progress as he streaks through the night sky.

Each year, over 1,250 volunteer’s answer calls and emails from kids inquiring about Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions will route each caller to a volunteer who is poised to provide pressing details about Santa and his trip — from the dimensions of his sleigh to his climbing speed as he navigates the night sky.

“Children give new meaning to the idea of ‘precious customers.’ We know, though, that Santa is up to the task — especially with NORAD watching to make certain he has a safe journey. Children everywhere can sleep soundly, knowing the most capable people and the best technology are helping Santa on his way.” ~ William Laurie, VP, Department of Defense Programs, Avaya Government Solutions

Visit or call 1 (877) HI-NORAD to track Santa on Christmas Eve. The Avatel family encourages you – our customers, friends and partners – to join us in our effort to make the most important connections a reality this season.

Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager



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