A Great Workplace Culture Can be Preserved as You Grow

I read an article recently that said; While treating your employees like family seems like the formula for a great place to work, it may in fact be counterproductive and keeping you from reaching the next level of growth.

I couldn’t disagree more!

Businesses that fail to grow successfully are a result of lack of trust and/or an inability to work together. Leaders who can successfully build a family environment in the workplace will not only achieve more in the short term, but will build a foundation for growth through trust, loyalty, determination and perseverance.

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Something that I believe gets overlooked in todays high-pressured, productivity-focused economy is the human element. Of course, we all have products and services for sale and a profit to make, but let us not forget that our culture must be nurtured so we do not abandon the very values and traditions that made us who we are.

Taking a family approach means establishing a foundation of trust and a cultural promise to unite as one; to perform with purpose and the healthier whole in mind. At Avatel, we believe that our family-oriented culture has transformed our organization into a caring group of family members, in a supportive environment, all working for a common good.


We believe that our culture is the underlying soul and guiding force within Avatel. As our company grows, we must retain our shared values and our family-like culture that helped make us successful in the first place. Avatel has always been known for having a fun, family-oriented culture. It’s imperative that we keep our culture alive to maintain our fun, creative and passionate work environment.

As we expand beyond our core team, we must also share our culture with our new team members if we want to see it continued. A team work environment where camaraderie means having each other’s back and not judging one another. We must maintain our workplace culture that celebrates opportunities, transparency, and the opinions of all to enrich conversations and diversity of thought.

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I am incredibly proud to be associated with a company where employees are engaged, passionate, and dedicated to customer excellence. We believe that our family-like atmosphere allows for more productivity, creates warmth in the office, and enhances our overall service.

As we bring on new team members, the culture that they experience and learn can be consciously shaped by us all. Culture is completely scalable and we have total control over it.

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If you don’t agree that a great workplace culture can be preserved as you grow, remember that companies like Southwest Airlines, The Container Store, and Whole Foods have managed to do it with thousands of employees.

When I think about my company’s culture, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our work culture is something that’s truly special, and we believe it is one of the reasons that our team members have nominated us as one of the Tampa Bay Business Journals “Best Places to Work” for 9 years.

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I think as business owners and leaders, we can all benefit from knowing and embracing our uniqueness and use it as an asset to help our businesses grow. Being named to the “Best Place to Work” list for the 9th year is obviously something that we are very proud of. As we continue to grow and attract top notch talent, we will strive to keep the family atmosphere that has made us successful for many years.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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