Better Business with Avaya

avaya power of we engage

Today’s customers expect more from you every day.  In today’s competitive climate, it’s the customer who has choices when deciding on a new telephone vendor.  It’s imperative that we lead by example by informing our customer base how they can do better business with Avaya.  The newest edition of Avaya IP Office now delivers the most collaborative communication solution your business needs in order to meet and exceed customer demands for fast, efficient and coordinated service.

IP Office r. 9 pic2

The IP Office is Avaya’s flagship phone system.  It is a feature-rich solution capable of meeting the needs of small to medium sized organizations.  Launched in 2002, IP Office sales have grown steadily, with 360,000 IP Office systems deployed worldwide.  Further proof of Avaya’s commitment to developing their solution was the acquisition of Nortel in 2009, Sipera in 2011 and Radvision in 2012.  Investments in IP Office are future-proof thanks to Avaya’s focus and its scalability – one platform can cover 2 to 2,500 users; across a single site or up to 150.

With an Avaya IP Office in your company, you will:

  • Communicate like never before
  • Respond to customers immediately
  • Share information, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Enable auto attendants and record professional music-on-hold messaging

IP Office new

You’ll also have the power of a unified communications platform that connects everyone – your people, your customers and your partners.  The IP Office is a phone system that’s incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkable simple to use.  Frankly, it lets you do more, with less, by driving profitable growth without increasing costs.

Isn’t it time to take your business communications suite to the next level?  The time is right to grow your future.  Begin the expansion by giving my friends at Avatel Technologies a call today.

Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager


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