At Avatel, Your Future is What You Make it

In no small measure, innovative thinking and risk taking are applauded at Avatel because it empowers our team to do great work.  Due to our internal structure as a private company, as our customers look to us to implement their telecommunication needs, we allow our employees to go beyond their expectations.  Our teams develop solution oriented technologies based on ideas, insights and passion, rather than shareholders’ demands.


At Avatel, one of our 2015 goals is to strengthen our business through our most valued assets – employees.  As our team’s talents grow, so does our company.  Our goal is to offer our talent the resources to explore every opportunity to grow.  This approach encourages career development and has the support of management.  At Avatel, your career and your future is what you make it.


If you’ve followed our updates on Facebook, you know that we believe life isn’t just about work.  We are constantly planning and organizing activities that help to build team spirit.  Whether it’s a costume contest or driving to deliver donated items to a local charity, we ensure that the team makes the most of downtime.


At Avatel, technology isn’t just for our customers.  We make full use of our technology to empower employees to stay on top of their work and personal lives.  For example, if an employee needs to run an errand, they simply transfer calls to their cell phone so that they can get on the road without missing a call.

Avatel is the place where passion can impact the day-to-day operations as well as our future.


Lonnie Ledford,

Avatel Project Manager and Brand Ambassador




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