Smart Use of Communications Technology Can Transform Your Business

There are many amazing and rewarding aspects to running a business, but it is also hard work. There are countless tasks you need to complete every week just to stay on top of things. You have so many varying roles within your business that it can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to be clear on priorities. It’s all too easy to get distracted by ‘emergencies’ that make you lose sight of what you really should be working on, in order to achieve your goals. Most business leaders find it difficult to get unburied enough to step back from daily activities to be the transformational leader that they want to be.

Keith Clemente from Avaya Client Services used a term that I love in a recent article – “Transforming while running an ongoing business is a lot like aligning wheels on a car while it is moving”. Keith also said – “Transformations take time and are evolutionary. There is not a single finish line. Transformations require continuous investment in technologies, tools and process. Success will only come to those that keep forever focused forward”.


When you outline the biggest challenges facing your business today, having the right technology for communications is probably not the top item on your list. However, choosing the right technology really should be a top priority. An organization that does not effectively communicate to its customers, prospects, employees, partners and vendors, will likely not survive.

When was the last time you looked around to find out what new technologies are out there that you might implement in your business? What about replacing old and outdated communication technology that may be costly to maintain and less powerful than what is in the marketplace today?

The smart use of communications technology can literally transform the way a business goes to market, cares for its customers, attracts new customers or enables previously unimaginable levels of employee productivity. In a fast-paced market, companies need to take advantage of the tools available today and need to start deploying them within their work place or risk falling behind competitively.

Transform your business

Avatel and Avaya deliver Communication/Collaboration Solutions that help companies transform their businesses to achieve marketplace advantage. Avaya’s solutions can help you improve customer service by enabling your employees to connect to each other and to your customers, no matter what device they’re using or where they’re located. With an Avaya solution, you can transform your business into a more empowered and effective organization, armed with all the tools you need.

The Avaya IP Office is incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use. It is an integrated communications solution that works across different devices, departments, and locations – across your entire business. It’s a great way to manage communications across all your locations. The IP Office delivers a comprehensive collaboration solution from a single source, combining robust networking, security, video and support.

full stack

Your office telephone system, cell phone, e-mail, texting, instant messaging and even your home telephone are all essential to the way you work today. Unlike other solutions, Avaya IP Office uses built-in intelligence to simplify your use of wired, wireless and Internet communications. Instead of keeping your communications separate, Avaya IP Office brings them together so you can easily turn a home or mobile phone into an office extension, collaborate with dozens of customers or staff members on a conference call and get detailed reports that show how well your company is responding to customers.

With rich functionality, Avaya IP Office naturally creates new ways of thinking about the role communications can play in your business. The Avaya IP Office will help give your business a competitive edge. Let you do more, with less. Drive profitable growth, without driving up costs. Perform better now and in the future.


Organizations are looking today for a trusted and knowledgeable business partner to transform their business communications, implement industry leading technology and be supported by a professional and knowledgeable service partner. Avatel has one overarching objective – to help you transform your business and achieve competitive advantage.

Every day, Avatel is helping business transform with the support of our Design Engineers, Application Specialists, Technical Engineers, Systems Integration Experts and Customer Support Teams. Contact an Avatel Specialist at 866.835.2661 and find out how we can help you transform your business today!

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Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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