Avatel “Toys for Joy” Program

Avatel toys for joy1

Over the years, our holiday toy drives have helped families with children rediscover the magic of the season. However, what happens the rest of the year?

What do children living in shelters or transitional housing receive on their birthdays? This was a question asked by our very own Kim Whisman. She suggested that we collect toys year-round as birthday donations for the children living at Metropolitan Ministries.

I agree with Kim, while the holiday season is a favorite time to donate toys to charity, toy donations are needed year-round. For children, holidays are times of excitement and fun. But if you ask most kids, there is probably one other day that trumps every holiday: their birthday. For the children who live in shelters, the day is not a fun-filled experience but rather just another day of doing the best you can under some very tough circumstances.

We recognize the importance of a birthday in a child’s life and believe that a birthday gift provides joy and hope in these children’s otherwise unsettled lives. Every child, regardless of their living situation, should have their birthday recognized and celebrated.

So, with that said, as part of our Avatel Giving Back initiative, we started our Avatel “Toys for Joy” program. Each month, Metropolitan Ministries sends us a list of the children at the housing facility that have birthdays in the following month. Throughout the month, the Avatel team collects the gifts and donates the presents at the end of the month for all the children at Metropolitan Ministries who have birthdays in the following month.

Avatel toys for joy2

Any child at the shelter who has a birthday that month gets a few presents, and every child is made to feel special!  Regardless of life’s circumstances, the day you are born is a day worth celebrating. Everyone deserves a happy birthday.

Together we can help restore the magic of this special day for these special children!








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