The One Big Secret to Likeability

Although attitude is an essential component in providing noteworthy customer service, it’s the likeability factor that makes a service experience enjoyable.  If you want to stand out from your peers and receive many more positive letters and comments from customers, ensure that you enjoy helping them.

We’ve all seen how employees who possess the likeability factor tend to attract others. Co-workers appreciate having an opportunity to work with them and customers enjoy speaking to them.  To get ahead in your relationships with others, look at the likeability skill sets you possess.

You must first and foremost care about people.  And, the caring must be genuine.  You can only fake it for so long before the real you will come through.  How many times have you watched a TV or movie star who seemed to be very caring, friendly and personable on camera, but when you see them in another venue, they were arrogant, condescending and disingenuous?  Which one was the real person?

At Avatel Technologies, we’ve mastered the likeability factor and here is how we do it:

  1. We listen more than we speak;
  2. We are courteous and respectful;
  3. We cultivate being friendly and we smile;
  4. We place others wants before our own; and,
  5. We compliment, encourage and affirm others.

The above could be defined by one word – friendliness.  From experience, when you are genuinely friendly, you come across as more competent, confident and interested. You project that you like your job, that you care about other people and that you’re a good communicator.  Some employees say, “We’re professional.  We don’t need to be friendly!”  That’s arrogance!  I’m not downplaying the importance of competence and knowledge, but imagine if every person in your company were friendly and worked at getting along well with each other.  Would it not improve morale?  Would it not improve attitudes?  Would it not improve teamwork, respect, cooperation and customer satisfaction while making work more enjoyable?

Competence, a good attitude and knowledge are all important, but if I could instill just one attribute, more than any other, I would want you to be friendly and work at getting along with others because it affects and impacts virtually everything you do.  Friendly people are just more enjoyable to be around.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain…and most fools do.” –Dale Carnegie

Guest Blogger ~ Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager



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