The Power of Commitment

The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment.  The path that runs from the dream to the achievement is paved with commitment, every inch of the way. Those who make the commitment, those who give their dreams the power of focused action, are the ones who will achieve their dreams.  No matter what the goal may be, it takes commitment and action to make it a reality.  Anyone can express their commitment in words.  True commitment is shown by actions, by persistence, by the willingness to do whatever it takes.

Being successful means being committed to the entire process of success. That includes setting the goals, making the plans, putting forth the effort, and persistently working through the challenges until the desired results are a reality. Whatever you’re fully committed to, will happen. Make the commitment to live out the exciting possibilities available to you, today and every day. Commitment is a decision you can make for yourself, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of whose idea it was originally. Commitment is the act of sincerely putting your heart into what you’re doing. You’re going to get knocked down. With enough commitment you’ll get back up. You’re going to become sidetracked and blown off course. With enough commitment you’ll quickly get back on track.

Great accomplishments most often result not from exceptional ability, but from ordinary ability followed through with exceptional commitment. Commitment can elevate even the most ordinary, tedious efforts into truly incredible levels of achievement. Whatever is your level of ability, it will take you wherever you desire to go when energized with passion and commitment. Remember, commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals!

Guest Blogger ~ Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager


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