Welcome to Avatel’s Blog

Welcome to Avatel’s blog, we are focused on improving ourselves, our business and our community. We seek to do this by sharing powerful business concepts for customers, partners and others on topics related to business, strategy and technology.

Our goal is to partner with the business community and to provide thoughts and insights on the ever changing world of telecommunications and business concepts. We feel that when you reach a certain level of success in business, it is your responsibility to give back. The only way to give back is to help someone else succeed. During these difficult economic times, business owners will want to get all of the help they can find to not only survive but to thrive. In the business arena, we are the players and also the audience, continually monitoring one another’s performance.

It’s an endless journey of learning new things from many different sources, especially from other business owners. For me life is about the journey, not the destination.

You will want to learn every way you possibly can to make your business more successful.  It is important to be committed to that mindset.  Once you are of that frame of mind, you’re going to find that the opportunities to learn from other business owners are absolutely endless. We feel that this is an opportunity for businesses to communicate with each other and discuss issues relating to growing their companies and the free flow of ideas

We are focused on helping other businesses along their journey. I speak with other business owners on a regular basis, and the one’s that seem to be the most successful are the ones that have learned from those before them. Along this path, we are to encourage, respect & support others as they do the same for us.

I hope the information we provide will be of benifit to our readers.

Jamie Wood, Avatel Executive VP


  1. Steve Given

    Jamie – Excellent idea – “…learn every way you possibly can.” I collect quotes and try to learn from them. I like this one ““Quotations are extremely effective at capturing and concisely communicating thoughts and ideas. They can be inspirational but more importantly quotations can help us reveal and assess the assumptions, values and beliefs that underlie the ways in which we perceive the world.” David Gurteen, consultant

    I would like to post quotes on your blog from time to time from Avaya SMB customers I meet who have insights and knowledge they wish to share.

    Steve Given – Avaya

  2. In addition to this Blog being one of the most current and relevant within the telecommunications industry, it is a rich source of common sense. Congratulations on the intuitive content and best practices that are not only recommended but utilized. It is crystal clear why Avatel is so well thought of within the Avaya community.

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